Welcome back to Tech Talk! If you are new to Tech Talk, my name is Laurel Buffaloe and I am the manager of the Media Design Lab, currently located on the bottom floor of the Library. These blogs are designed to inform you, dear reader, about all things tech-oriented and to learn about all the neat places you can find within the library!

Did you know there’s a whole video production studio located on the lower level of the library? Video Production, managed by Kent Thompson, is a resource that operates a television studio and an audio recording lab. They perform post-production video editing, and produce academic programming all over campus, you may have seen the video production crew record a special guest lecture you’ve been to or even an event around campus! They even operate  the UNC Asheville Educational Television (UNCAET channel). UNCAET is an educational access cable television channel that includes announcements, special events, lectures, student films, musical performances, and special performances from UNCA. Viewers can watch UNCAET on Spectrum Digital Cable Channel 188 or on the streaming site here.

Here are some items you, as a faculty, staff, or student should make the most of:

The TV Studio is a full service lab that serves as an interview set, green screen facility, and a facility to record headshots. Technicians are there to record these services for you. The room is equipped with microphones, lights, and three cameras. All cameras are connected to a Tricaster  and operated from a control room. You can even bring in slides for a presentation to have in your video! 

The Audio Lab includes two quiet isolation sound booths, each equipped with microphones, pop filters, music stands, and headphones. This area is also full service with technicians recording the audio for you on Adobe Audition.

All of these resources are considered academic only, meaning, you can only use these resources if it is for the school or a school project. Whether it is recording a video for your Lang 120 course, using the green screen for your reporting on weather casts, or using the audio lab to record a project for your voice acting class, Video Production has you covered!

To use these services contact Kent at thompson@unca.edu 

For more information about Video Production: https://library.unca.edu/video_production