Chancellor's winner Bathhouse Laundry - Tokyo, Japan by Manny Figaro

Chancellor’s Award and Grand Prize Winner Bathhouse Laundry – Tokyo, Japan by Manny Figaro

Exhibit: Study Abroad International Photo Contest Winners

Exhibit Location: Ramsey Library Main Level (beside Student Success Hub)

Exhibit Dates: April 1st – July 31st, 2024


Reception and Study Abroad Social: April 11th from 3 – 6pm

Reception Location: Study Abroad Lobby in Ramsey Library

The results of our 2024 Study Abroad Photo Contest are in, and let us tell you, the level of talent and creativity showcased this year is absolutely amazing!

After much deliberation and careful consideration, we are thrilled to announce the top picks of our photo contest. Get ready to embark on a visual journey that will transport you to fascinating destinations around the globe, captured through the lens of our incredibly talented participants.

Come hear from the artists, learn about their experiences abroad, and celebrate with us at our Reception and Study Abroad Social on April 11th from 3-6pm outside of the Study Abroad office in Ramsey Library! If you are interested in studying abroad yourself or just love travel, this is a wonderful and insightful opportunity!
So, without further ado, drum roll please 🥁📸 Here are our 2024 Study Abroad International Photo Contest Winners!


2024 Nature’s Beauty Category Winners

1st Place, Nature’s Beauty: Curious Nara Deer – Nara, Japan by Ona Elkins

Artist’s Description: In Japan, the deer of Nara are considered sacred and are protected within the city limits of Nara. These friendly animals are entwined with the city itself, and obey crosswalks, interact with pedestrians, and contribute to the mystic nature of the many shrines and temples within Japan’s ancient capital city. They also become extra happy when you feed them deer cookies!


2nd Prize, Nature’s Beauty: El Cuervo Volante (The Flying Crow) – Valle de las Palmas, Cocura, Colombia

Artist’s Description: A crow taking flight in the iconic Valle de las Palmas in Colombia. The valley of palms was famous enough to be the basis for the mythical location of the recent Disney movie Encanto!


3rd Prize, Nature’s Beauty: She Watches – San Cristobal, Galapagos by Catherine Anderson

Artist’s Description: I noticed this crab watching me, while I watched the sea lions play along the shores of San Cristobal. She stayed very still while I took her picture.


2024 Cross-Cultural Moments Category Winners

1st Place, Cross-Cultural Moments: Airing Out – Angers, France by Ellie Struble

Artist’s Description: When the spring heat arrived, my host family would open up all the windows in the house and air out the laundry. It was admirable the amount of attentiveness and consideration they had for energy conservation. They encouraged me to be more mindful of the energy I use day-in and day-out. This is a dress that my host mom hung in the kitchen.


2nd Place, Cross-Cultural Moments: Dancing in the Streets – Otavalo, Ecuador by Catherine Anderson

Artist’s Description: An indigenous woman taking part in a local ceremony along the streets of the old city in Otavalo, Ecuador.


3rd Place, Cross-Cultural Moments: Writing Wishes – Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, Japan by Cole Anson

Artist’s Description: Two girls and a businessman write and place their wishes onto wooden blocks called “ema” (絵馬) at a Shinto Shrine dedicated to the kami (gods) of the shrine. This particular shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, with the tree in the photo having a scared shimenawa rope wrapped around it, signifying that the spirit of the kami is attached to the tree. Visiting shrines and writing on ema is a daily activity in Japan, and a ritual in the indigenous religion of Shintoism.


2024 People Category Winners

1st Place, People Category: The Argolic Gulf – Paralia Astros, Greece by Anne Ogg

Artist’s Description: May 2023: Calm water, cloudy skies


2nd Place, People Category: Bathhouse Laundry – Tokyo, Japan (also Chancellor’s winner) by Manny Figaro

Artist’s Description: A person sitting in a laundry mat outside of a bathhouse in Tokyo.


3rd Place, People Category: The Daily Commute – Cali, Colombia by Noah Puhl

Artist’s Description: Picture taken on El Mío, the bus system for the city of Cali, Colombia. This is typically how full these busses are from the morning until the evening. Though busy, they’re effective!


2024 Reflections Category Winners

1st Place, Reflections Category: Looking Down to Look Up – Tokyo, Japan by Giovanni Figaro

Artist’s Description: The Infinite Crystal Universe display at the teamLab Art Exhibit in Tokyo Japan


2nd Place, Reflections Category: In Every Walk with Nature – Tiputini, Yasuni Biosphere Reserve, Ecuador by Catherine Anderson

Artist’s Description: This was perhaps the first and most awe-inspiring moment for the group, as we set off silently, single-file, into the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon. As a group of biology students, this opportunity we had to walk in one of the most biodiverse places on earth was humbling, to say the least. It felt like the culmination of all we had been waiting for and learned, and we had traveled so far to experience.


3rd Place, Reflections Category: Infinity Pool over the Ocean in North Iceland – Húsavík, Iceland by Kirk Boyle

Artist’s Description: I captured this shot of the setting sun reflecting off the ocean at about 10:30pm. The bathers likewise reflect on the beauty of the sky meeting the water.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated in making this year’s contest a resounding success. Your passion for photography and storytelling has truly enriched our community, and we cannot wait to continue celebrating the beauty of study abroad through your lens.


Post Credit: Sara King, Study Abroad and Jon Morris, Ramsey Library