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    Special Collections Committee News: Thinking about Special Collections: The Understory Grounding Appalachian History

    By Stewart Plein, Special Collections Committee Chair, Appalachian Studies Association This article appeared in the Volume 1, Issue 3 Winter 2020 issue of the Appalachian Curator. Click here to view a PDF of the full issue. Introduction While reading the newspaper on the first day of this New Year, my attention was drawn to an Associated Press article[i] about the impending opening of a collection of letters between the poet T.S. Eliot and his friend, Emily Hale.  Sealed for fifty years at the request of Hale as a stipulation of her donation, the correspondence is now available for the first time. The opening of this collection provides students, scholars, and researchers…

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    History of the Curator, 1996-2002

    History of The Curator, 1996-2002 By Dustin Witsman This article appeared in the Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2019 issue of the Appalachian Curator. Click here to view a PDF of the full issue. The Appalachian Curator takes its inspiration from, and pays homage to, The Curator, a print newsletter published by members of the Regional Collections Committee of the Appalachian Consortium from 1996-2002. The original iteration of The Curator was geared toward what are now commonly referred to as “Lone Arrangers” – archivists working as the sole custodian of a repository’s collections materials – stationed in various cultural heritage institutions entrusted with overseeing the preservation and care of Appalachian-related collections. The…