Moja only accepts unsolicited manuscripts by electronic submission via this journal submission site. We do not consider submissions that are under review elsewhere. Submissions are peer-reviewed by members of our Editorial Board, as well as other affiliated scholars. All submissions must include a cover letter that includes the author's full mailing address, email address, telephone and fax numbers, and professional or academic affiliation. The cover letter should indicate that the submission contains original content, has not previously been published, and is not under review by another publication. Authors are responsible for securing permission to use copyrighted tables or materials from a copyrighted work in excess of 500 words. Authors must contact original authors or copyright holders to request the use of such material in their articles. Authors must also submit a three to five sentence bio, an abstract of their submission of not more than 100 words, and a brief list of key words or significant concepts in the article. Unsolicited submissions are normally reviewed and reported back within two to three months.

To submit work, if you have not already registered with Moja, return to My Journals, and Register.

Submissions are peer-reviewed by members of our Editorial Board, as well as other affiliated scholars.


Originality: Submissions should make an original contribution to the literature.
Themes: Each Moja issue is generally organized around a concept or theme, e.g.: a chronological period, a geographical region, a political event. However, Moja always welcomes and will publish submissions on any topic that falls within the parameters of the journal's interest.


Written Submissions
Length: Articles published in Moja generally are a minimum of 2,500 words in length, but not longer than 8,500 words, excluding endnotes and scholarly references.
CMS: All articles should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style. Scholarly references and citations usually should not be embedded in the text of the article, but arranged as endnotes in CMS form.
Clarity: Moja favors clearly written articles with a coherent structure and thesis. Pieces with excessive academic jargon, obtuse language and an excessive reliance on the passive voice will be promptly returned to their authors.
Critical: Moja aspires to produce scholarship representing a critical black studies. Moja is an intellectual intervention that seeks to inform and transform black life and history.

Alternate modalities
(Artwork, video, and other electronic forms of communication - all submissions must contain attachments listed in the Submissions paragraph.):
Images, videos, and audio recordings: To submit Web-ready images, sounds, or video clips, you may include a link in your online submission. You may also prepare your document and all accompanying media files on your own local web server or file hosting service (e.g. Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive) and supply us with the URL to your site via your email submission.