Mathematics and Sports (MAS) aims to be an all-inclusive journal at the interface of mathematics and sports.  MAS serves to publish high quality quantitative analysis encompassing all aspects of sports at all levels with the aim to better understand sports and to further mathematics education through sports.  MAS welcomes submissions that include mathematical, statistical, and computer science analysis of all sports including professional, collegiate, youth, and Olympic sports as well as outdoor recreation, non-traditional sports, and education through sports.  

MAS accepts articles falling into one of the following categories

RESEARCH: Original research on an aspect of sport through the lens of mathematical analysis.  Topics may include but are not limited to team and player evaluation, officiating and judging fairness, comparisons within and between conferences, use of technology to advance performance or health and safety. 

EDUCATION: The use of sports to help advance the understanding of mathematical concepts. 

PRACTICE AND REVIEW: The state of existing research in mathematics and sports, novel approaches to the study or research of mathematics through sports, and recent advances in the promotion of the better understanding of sports through mathematical endeavors.  Additionally, how mathematical analysis is presently being put into practice to help advance performance.